At Belerion it’s all about you. Our approach to a fitter, healthy lifestyle is broken down into three elements; training, nutrition and community.


Our training model is simple. Effective training done in an effective way.

A scalable model which can be adapted and tweaked during every training session to ensure all our members get the very best out of themselves every time they walk through our door.

At Belerion we focus on everyone as an individual. Setting achievable, yet challenging goals which will give you the result you deserve.


The pyramid says it all… Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do.

Our bespoke nutritional packages are designed to provide you with an easy to understand, science-based approach to nutrition and food management.

Your nutrition plans are designed to work alongside your training programmes. Educating you on how to implement simple behaviour modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”.


Since Belerion was born back in 2015 we’re incredibly proud of the community we’ve built. Given any opportunity to shout about our wonderful members, we will!

Our supportive community is formed of like-minded individuals who, despite varied fitness abilities and age, are all committed to achieved one goal – to transforming their lives.


We’re proud of each and every member that is part of this constantly growing community.

Everyone has their goals, their reasons why, but more importantly everyone has their story to tell.

Fitness journeys come in many different shapes and sizes, they each have their hits and misses, but the common factor with all these stories at Belerion are that they have results.

Whether your goal is as simple as doing a full pushup, to completely transforming your body, we want to hear your story.

We hope you take inspiration from the journeys of our amazing members.

Titan Games - Sign me up


Our very own TINAN GAMES is returning to our box next year for a mixed pairs competition on Saturday 11th of March 2023. There will be both RX and scaled divisions for this inclusive spicy one-dayer! If you want to bag a space, click the link above to sign up!!

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