goal setting

The first thing we do with you on the BeFit 28 PROGRAMME is goal setting. Personalised, achievable goal setting.

These goals give us a solid foundation where we can work to understand how we should plan your training and nutrition to make sure you achieve your dream body!

unlimited training & class attendance

At Belerion we’re committed to improving the health and lifestyle choices of all our members. All our classes are scalable, catering for the experienced athlete, to the first-time crossfitters.

With the BeFit 28 PROGRAMME you have access to all our classes, from Crossfit, to Crossfit Lite; and Power Hour, to Throwdown Thursdays!

nutritional framework

Because real results are found in the kitchen. And more often than not, this is our biggest downfall!

The nutritional framework is an educational tool that helps you make the right food choices, at the right time. You’ll learn when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat. Ensuring all the hard work you do in the gym doesn’t go to waste.

introduction to strength training

Our introduction to strength training is essential to the success of the BeFit 28 PROGRAMME – strength training is the backbone behind the programme!

We’ll talk you through all the lifts and movements that you’ll inevitably come across during the 28 day programme. Movements such as squats, snatch, cleans, and a whole lot more!

constant check-ins and support

When you sign up the BeFit 28 PROGRAMME you’ll have constant support and regular check-ins with Head Coach James.

James will be on hand throughout the 28 day programme to help you achieve the body you want with support and guidance on both the training programme and the nutritional framework – making sure you make smart choices when it matters!

HERE’S WHAT OUR MEMBERS have to say about the BeFit 28 PROGRAMME

‘During the time I’ve been at Belerion I‘ve noticed significant changes to my fitness, body shape, energy levels and general wellbeing. The change in eating habits has been a revelation! I never would have believed I could have eaten so much, whilst still keeping the weight off! But above all, Crossfit Belerion is a great community and a pleasure to train at. I’ve met some great people along the way and had a lot of fun in the process.’

– Dan, S

– Mike, E

‘I gave James a snapshot of my daily food intake. We discussed how I’d have to change what I was eating, which included reducing my carbohydrate intake. Initially all went well and I managed to reduce my body fat by 1% per week. After 4-weeks I was down to 16%!

I’ve learned to listen, learn and implement – I also believe that if you follow these simple rules, you can achieve any goal. Now it is time to work on building lean muscle. Age is just a number and I am going to prove that all this is possible even if you are over SIXTY!’