Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, founded CrossFit®, Inc. in 2000.

In his years coaching elite athletes, Coach Glassman found that the best way to achieve optimal fitness was not through specialization but rather through “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.”

In short, this means combining elements of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, sprinting, rowing and core conditioning to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance and agility.


Of course we’ll talk you through our training and nutritional philosophies in a lot more detail, when you first pop into see us (over a coffee of course!). But here’s a bit of an insight into what you can expect from CrossFit Belerion and how these will help your achieve your goals.


We hold workshops and seminars on specific topics related to nutrition, mobility, gymnastics, and lifting to give you new skills and knowledge to help you continual grow and develop you movement skill-sets.


Every few months, we test your fitness with a series of physical assessments. These are designed to give you a baseline of your fitness and progress, and allow you to celebrate your success with the community.


Because you can’t out train a bad diet… Everything that you have heard about nutrition being the most important aspect when it comes to body transformation is true.

You can’t smash out a great session, eat the wrong food afterwards, and expect to lose weight. Any training program that doesn’t come with a nutrition component will fail.

Goals are smashing both in and outside of the gym!


Our gym is full of motivated, hard working every day people from all backgrounds, who will help push you past what you thought possible. By training alongside like-minded people in a positive, encouraging and inspiring environment you are more likely to stick to your program and see results.

Our athletes lose weight, get stronger, feel healthier, look better on the beach, grow confidence, heal injuries, learn skills they never thought they’d try and completely change their lives through fitness.